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I can’t believe it’s 5 weeks since I last posted a blog – doesn’t time fly! I started building a website in March and was busy at work, but not much else has occupied me during the last two weeks as I unfortunately fell over the lawnmower and broke the fifth metatarsal bone in my left foot. Terrible timing just two days before golf resumed and of course the garden had really started waking up. I’ve got six weeks in a moon boot and crutches and then fingers crossed all will be back to as normal as possible.

There’s plenty going on in the garden as I watch from my chair – this week’s six includes some surprising daffodils….

Free with a tulip order last autumn was a mixed bag of daffodil bulbs, including narcissus ‘Replete’ – as you can see, it has an unusual and rather bizarre arrangement of petals – quite a surprise!

This diminutive daffodil was another nice surprise in the bag of free bulbs – narcissus ‘Avalanche’ – it is so pretty, but planting them behind a box hedge wasn’t ideal as they really are very small! A job for next month, these will be moved to front of border where they can show off unreservedly next spring.
I planted narcissus ‘Thalia’ eighteen months ago – it’s a plant that just keeps on giving, multiplying and naturalising quickly. Highly fragrant and growing to a height of approximately 40cm, its pure white flowers atop tall stems make for an elegant display throughout April.
These bellis perenis are a cheerful sight planted in a terracotta pot – they remind me of sweeties in a jar!
Amazingly, the hellebores in our garden are only just starting to fade and have been just wonderful in the darkest months, brightening up our days. Hellebores are so hard working, I wouldn’t be without them and indeed I’ve three new additions extending the display for next year. These two are helleborus x hybridus – the darker one being Harvington ‘Shades of Night’ – simply gorgeous!
Tulipa ‘Shirley’ opening her lovely petals – another hard working plant, these bulbs were planted 3 years ago and are showing no sign of disappearing. The first of our tulips to open, I’m so looking forward to more!

There’s so much to look forward to over the next few months and the uncertainty of this time next year is hopefully behind us now – keep safe and well….

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  1. Keith S says:

    narcissus ‘Avalanche’ I have – specifically chosen for it’s diminutive and multi-headed nature. Your Tulip ‘Shirley’ is going to be even more splendid as it opens. I’ll have to see if I can find a spot in the bulb order in the autumn 🙂 Hellebores – I am also taken with these awesome plants – they give and give – especially this year – working very hard to please. Thanks you.

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