Six on Saturday – Simply Crocus

With this week delivering more than a glimmer of hope for spring and summer after a long and dark winter, the sun has also been shining on us over the last few days – my mood is certainly lifting! Taking full advantage this morning, I was up early and in Walsall Arboretum enjoying the visual delights of a fabulous display of crocus and the auditory pleasure afforded by the many birds inhabiting the trees. My six this week – crocus, crocus and more crocus!

Over the last few years, this floral carpet has extended and grown to a magnificent size – one can’t help but stop and admire the view as it is truly stunning. Early flowering crocus naturalise easily in the right conditions; under deciduous trees in grass is just right. Aren’t they simply wonderful!

Crocus vernus is a clump forming variety and so the fragile flowers support each other within its compact dense habit.

Early morning sun shining through the trees and and the drifting crocus and (almost there) daffodils, a feast for the eyes…

Delicate but resilient, crocus tommasinianus, so pretty.

Although the lilac seems to be the most prolific (having naturalised quickly), the combination of it with purple and yellow blooms is just perfect.

A heavy dew adds to the beauty of this sun gazing flower – I have to admit I didn’t even notice the dewdrops until I uploaded my pictures, says a lot about my ageing eyesight!

It does strike me that we could have a fabulous crocus display at the cottage in Wales (if we ever get there again!), but the large grassy area is quite wet (and doesn’t drain very well). However, I have found a good looking mix at Sarah Raven, ‘The Carien Crocus Collection’, but more research is needed before making any unwise purchases – always remember to stick to the age old advice; right plant: right place……

Keep safe and well, we’re on the home run (everything crossed!)

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