Six on Saturday – Life is Better in the Garden

I'm going to have to start this weeks SOS (as I'm an NHS worker), reiterating the plea to follow instructions and stay at home - our safety and the safety of our emergency services depends on our co-operation. That said, I cannot imagine any gardener (being instinctive nurturers), acting in any way other than in … Continue reading Six on Saturday – Life is Better in the Garden

Six on Saturday

In the midst of these scarily crazy times, our gardens give us solace and provide a greater than usual safe haven. Once outside, pottering in the borders and even tackling more ambitious jobs, we've found a measure of calm that is rather hard to achieve as the anxiety surrounding future months grows. My six today … Continue reading Six on Saturday

Spotlight, Starlight, Sunlight and Skylight!

It's the 31st January and the last day of Becky at the Life of B's JanuaryLights# square photo challenge. I've four for the finale today: Frogs are abundant in our pond, here is one caught in a spotlight! Sea holly in a sun trap, creating it's own starlight! A pathway through sunlight! And finally....skylight over … Continue reading Spotlight, Starlight, Sunlight and Skylight!