Six on Saturday

Saturday again so soon, and it's mid May already! It's rather murky out this morning, but that doesn't dampen the spirits when there's a garden full of flowers and something new to see every day. Here are my six favourites for today: This lovely Iris is 'Jane Phillips'. Planted some years ago, it hasn't flowered … Continue reading Six on Saturday

A few more words (and pics) from Wales

We've spent a few days in Wales enjoying great weather and pottering about in the garden - as ever the weeds; particularly clevers, wood avens, enchanters nightshade, couch grass and creeping buttercup are all growing in abundance. As we are surrounded by fields and of course we're not living there all the time, it's not … Continue reading A few more words (and pics) from Wales

Impact or Invasion? My Love ’em or Leave ’em Plants

I've just been admiring a swathe of euphorbia amiglioides 'Robbiae' with its acid yellow flowers and glossy leaves glistening under a light drizzle. I say admiring, which is my immediate reaction, but really I should be asking myself why it's there at all, as over the years I've made quite a few attempts to get … Continue reading Impact or Invasion? My Love ’em or Leave ’em Plants

Flowers – come up and see me – and make me smile

I started writing this blog on Good Friday and was almost ready to publish this morning - with a blog about the fabulous weather and the amazing flowers emerging into this lovely springtime. However, at around 10:30, Chris appraised me of the appalling events in Sri Lanka taking place. It's difficult to go on and … Continue reading Flowers – come up and see me – and make me smile

Wet & Windy Wales

I'd got a few plans in mind for the garden in Wales this weekend (there's quite a bit of weeding and cutting back to be done), but rain and Storm Freya have curtailed them somewhat. Still, I'm pleased to see the mixed daffodils dancing on the river bank, including some of those I planted rather … Continue reading Wet & Windy Wales