Wet & Windy Wales

I'd got a few plans in mind for the garden in Wales this weekend (there's quite a bit of weeding and cutting back to be done), but rain and Storm Freya have curtailed them somewhat. Still, I'm pleased to see the mixed daffodils dancing on the river bank, including some of those I planted rather … Continue reading Wet & Windy Wales


What a welcome sight - during a brisk walk through the arboretum with Ollie on Sunday morning, I spotted an emerging drift of pearly white snowdrops robustly standing up to the prevailing cold wind. None are flowering as yet in the garden at home, so these were a lovely reminder of the pleasure now just … Continue reading Snowdrops

Daffodil bulbs – too late for next Spring?

Last week, the bare root eryingeum plants I ordered a couple of months ago arrived, along with 40 free mixed daffodil bulbs. I decided to plant them in the garden in Wales, along the river bank. The weather was quite mild, the ground still soft and there was no sign of water-logging, hopefully good conditions? … Continue reading Daffodil bulbs – too late for next Spring?

Four Seasons Garden – Autumn

After a two year break, Tony and Marie Newton opened their stunning, award winning and perfectly named garden 'Four Seasons' under the National Garden Scheme last weekend. The sunny mild weather we experienced was just perfect for the many visitors keen to take pleasure in the vibrantly colourful planting that is a key feature of this … Continue reading Four Seasons Garden – Autumn