Six on Saturday – back on track!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged, as gardening and taking photographs presented quite a challenge whilst in a moon boot and dependant on crutches! They’re history now thankfully, but it’s not all plain sailing – I’ve found that it’s surprisingly difficult to walk properly after the period of inactivity! Fortunately Chris has enjoyed keeping the garden on track and with fingers crossed for an improvement in weather conditions, hopefully we’re ready for a great summer.

My six this week – mainly fabulous tulips, but Chris to kick off…

Box hedging needs maintenance! Chris has a keen eye for a sharp edge and with the help of a height marker, he’s done a fabulous job this week. It’s looking great!

I don’t know the name of this tulip, for when I planted the bulbs, they were supposed to be dark red. Although they’re very pretty, they’re in the wrong position and so I’ve resolved to move them this year (I’ve made this resolution as soon as they’ve blossomed for the last three years!). They’re just going over now, but what a last fling!

Tulipa ‘Finola’ looks good enough to eat – like a delectable raspberry ripple ice cream! I planted quite a few of these last autumn, but most are plain white – beautiful but not the intended effect and so rather annoying.

I really love tulipa ‘Shirley’, one of my favourites with its subtle, delicate colouring and great longevity.

The flamboyant tulipa ‘Lambarda’ is a star in a hot border and planted with ‘Queen of the Night’ provides a gorgeous spring display – wonderful!

Last but not least, this tulip is an enigma – the bulb was in the ‘Finola’ pack and it’s the only one to have bloomed with dark red flecks and a distinctive stripe. It’s rather a stunner, so I’ll be interested to see if it repeats next year.

There’s so much to look forward to this summer and hopefully we’re moving towards a more normal future – keep safe and well….

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