Well it’s cold, but not so bad as to keep us out of the garden. Back in Wales again, this stunning hellebore is thriving in the damp fertile soil. I don’t know the name of this variety, it was already in the garden when we bought the cottage. I’ll probably divide it later in the year and take some back to Scott Road – perfect for the back of the pond, although I will have to take control over the pulmonaria already there – unfortunately, as pretty as it is in Spring, it quickly engulfs anything else I put in.

I couldn’t resist a bit of plant portraiture – the window sill in the kitchen provides a decent backdrop. Not quite perfect a picture – what I could really do with of course is a decent macro lens for my camera – next Christmas perhaps (hint, hint, Chris!)


cold and damp!

Chris got his own back with the camera this morning – and caught me dressed for comfort in the bitter cold! Anyway, bird feeders topped up and it was back inside, snuggled up by the fireside with a good book, currently ‘The Mystery of Mercy Close’ by Marian Keyes – delicious.