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This week, a more normal world would have brought us the Chelsea Flower Show, either via the BBC or a personal visit. We have never been to this legendary show, mainly because I just can’t see the attraction of the crowds and what looks like a lot of jostling and manoeuvring in order to see any of the many attractions. It would be a different matter altogether if we could go to the pre-show opening, but that’s obviously never going to happen, as we are neither celebrity or royalty. However, in these unprecedented times, we have enjoyed accessing the virtual Chelsea Flower Show via the BBC and RHS.

#MyChelseaGarden, promoting the sharing of our own special gardens seems to be an appropriate theme this week and so I’ve taken some pictures of the garden. The weather today has varied from cloudy (with a little rain) to sunny and warm and has also been persistently windy, but I’ve managed to get a few decent shots – so here are my six:

Here’s Chris and Ollie in the garden at the side of the house. I’d rather neglected the Arbour area over the last couple of years, but during the last few days, Chris has worked hard to restore it to the peaceful sitting area it was always intended to be. The gateway was established last year when we replaced the fence, the intention being to make a more attractive feature with an iron gate in the future – it leads into the front garden and on the other side of the fence there are two yews growing – an arch in the making (very slowly unfortunately)!

From the side garden facing towards the back garden, there’s a path past the pond, onto a lawn and across to the greenhouse.

Sitting on the kitchen doorstep, we’ve got a good view over the back garden

My beloved greenhouse, built by Robin McGregor at Green Bug, is almost 2 years old and it hasn’t aged a minute! At the moment, the shelves are filled with young plants – most will be planted out over the next couple of weeks, but I have so many chilli plants of different varieties – I will be gifting a few of them to friends and family!

These lovely rosa ‘Iceberg’ standards are covered in buds – but the wind today has taken its toll – the stake supporting the one on the left has broken off and the poor thing is leaning precariously. Roses really do not like their roots being rocked, so tomorrow we’re going to have to find a solution to this problem.

Finally, the front garden – Chris has been working hard to re-establish the ‘U’ shaped border I put in a few years ago as it had become weed infested. The soil is very poor in this area as previously there was a drive through parking area so it needs a lot of thought when planting and looking after the grass, never was the mantra ‘right plant, right place’ more pertinent!

That’s my six for this week, please stay safe and well..

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