Viburnum plicatum’Marieseii’

Viburnums provide the gardener with choice from a wide range of either evergreen or deciduous shrubs and one of them is the elegant viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’. I look forward to this plant flowering every May, with its horizontal structure, vibrant green leaves and the pure white lace cap arrangement of its petals, it’s really worth waiting for each year.

This is the second one I’ve planted, the first having died after just two years. Although it’s a plant recommended for sun or partial shade, the first was situated in fairly dry shade and the new one, planted 5 years ago is flourishing in full sun. The first probably lost it’s battle with the hedge behind it – so much competition for moisture and nutrients.

With a height and spread of 2.5 – 4 metres, ‘Mariesii’ is in pruning group 8, so should be pruned if necessary after flowering, just to maintain the shape and size. It tolerates renovative pruning too, which should also be carried out after the plant has bloomed. Best planted in a fertile, well drained border, it benefits from a humus rich soil. For more plants, propagation is by soft stem cuttings in summer.

Highly recommended!

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