Six on Saturday

In the midst of these scarily crazy times, our gardens give us solace and provide a greater than usual safe haven. Once outside, pottering in the borders and even tackling more ambitious jobs, we’ve found a measure of calm that is rather hard to achieve as the anxiety surrounding future months grows. My six today are from our garden in Wales, it’s been a sunny day, which is cheering and makes a welcome change, but it has also been extremely windy. It’s amazing to see nature – birds, bees, flowers and plants just getting on with the normality of spring when all around us the world is going into overdrive.

I’m starting with daffodils; they are everywhere just now, along verges, in open spaces and of course in our gardens. I planted a few free bulbs on the river bank last year and they haven’t disappointed, back for a new show this year. In the front garden, the diminutive ‘Tete a Tete’ is in full fling and loving the sun today!

This lovely bergenia, now in splendid flower, is spilling elegantly over a low wall, its sumptuous leaves tinged with the pink of its blooms. The leaves are evergreen and provide year round structure and interest in the borders – a hard working asset to the garden…

Primroses are in abundance, they self seed profusely in all the garden borders in Wales, with colours ranging from white through pink to crimson – such a delight in early spring!

It was such a pleasure to see so many bees around the garden today, this one was completely fixated on pieris japonica and busied himself in the flower petals all afternoon.

I’ve posted about this gunnera manicata previously – although it has survived each winter, it hasn’t grown well, until now. This isn’t a great picture, but if you look closely, in addition to the two main rhizomes just sprouting leaves, there are a couple more appearing – hopefully we’re going to see a great display this year.

Finally, Chris had a challenge this afternoon staking back and pruning this pyracantha hedge – it had grown out and forwards and needed taming into position; the result was highly satisfying!

That’s my six for this week, keep safe and well all and I look forward to hearing from you next week….

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Ann Mackay says:

    Love the way the bergenia is growing over the wall – it does look really good. I think there’s something about having garden plants spilling over the ‘hard landscape’ that brings the two together well to create a garden that feels cohesive and comfortable. I’m also finding the garden a source of peace and calm in the midst of all the stress – and the daffodils are pure joy! 🙂


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