Six on Saturday – Spring has Sprung!

This week has been hectic and if when I woke up this morning it hadn’t been blatantly obvious that spring had arrived, I might have felt a little worn out. But today my winter coat wasn’t necessary when out walking with Ollie and yesterday I actually sat outside on one of our benches in the garden – in the sun, warm and happy – Spring!

My six this week is varied – I’ve already posted about hellebores this week, but I did miss one interesting plant out of the mix and as it is such a hard worker, today it’s the first:

Helleborus foetidus self seeds true to form, prolifically in our garden. It is also known as stinking hellebore, but try as I a might, I just can’t detect any unpleasant aroma. For me it is a welcome plant with a really excellent quality, not only does it look good, its dense habit suppresses weed growth..

This lovely crocus is sitting in a pot outside our back door, another smile inducing beauty and a sure sign of spring.

The purple leaved cherry, prunus cerasifera Nigra is one of the first to flower and it’s surprising that there are any flowers left – birds, particularly wood pigeons feast on the emerging buds – they seem to think they’ve been invited to a banquet!

I’d completely forgotten planting this vibrant blue primula last year – but it’s back and making itself known, standing out in crowd of green foliage in the spring border.

I can’t not include a couple of pictures showing the results of some hard work carried out by members of our golf club this week. The greens staff have such a huge job maintaining the course, particularly after the unprecedented rainfall during autumn and winter, so a group of us rolled our sleeves up and got to work on paths and flower beds – enjoyable and productive!

That’s my six for this week – happy springtime all!

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Spring has Sprung!

  1. Ann Mackay says:

    Lovely blog post, full of spring joy! I’m excited about spring here too because there’s now warmth in the sunshine and the angle of the sun has changed, bringing lots more light into the garden. Happy days!

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  2. Hortus Baileyana says:

    I think I have a few helleborus foetidus which have arrived in the garden (I’ve not planted them). They’ve not flowered yet so I can’t be sure. The crocus is indeed lovely with its delicate markings and that blue primula is eye catching. I think you must have used a filter

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