Blossom in Sunlight

For the penultimate day in Becky at the Life of B‘s JanuaryLights# square photo challenge, I’ve chosen three photos of blossom in sunlight – in anticipation of spring being just around the corner!

Amelanchier lamarckii is a lovely small tree, growing to a height and spread of approximately 8 x 4 metres after 10 years, suitable for most soil types and either a sunny or partially shaded position. It is a great tree for a small garden and has almost year round interest – with brightly coloured stems and bronze foliage (which turns red in Autumn), these lovely flowers appear in spring. In this picture, I can’t help noticing that starlight is created when sunlight shines through its star-like blossom. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, it is generally pest free, but may suffer with fireblight (!)

Cherry blossom, sunlight and a blue sky – can’t wait!

We planted this lovely crab apple tree many years ago and the label is long gone, but comparing its blossom with pictures on the net, it could well be Malus ‘White Star’. If so, there’s not only sunlight in the photo, but also more starlight!

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