Six on Saturday – Macro

It’s been a dull but still today and I thought I’d have another attempt at getting some close up photographs with the macro lens Chris bought me for my birthday last year. I say another attempt because I’m finding this lens very challenging, particularly in selecting the area for the main focus point. Out of the many pictures I’ve taken today, I’ve only just about managed to select six!

A tripod is essential – the lens is extremely heavy and it would be nigh on impossible to avoid camera shake, especially using the manual setting. Even so, most of the pictures I took outside are hopeless as there was a slight breeze and it really was too dull – apart from this lovely one of a bumble bee on tithonia ‘Torch’ – and the bee kept very still (so still in fact I thought he might have expired, but he flew off a few minutes later)!

I decided to retreat indoors, and cut a few flowers to experiment with. The exception is this delicate gerbera (purchased from Lidl).

I cut a couple of the Bishops Children dahlias – still going strong!

Also still in flower – helenium ‘Red Shades’

And finally, leycesteria formosa, the Himalayan honeysuckle – the tiny white flowers emerge from crimson bracts in early Autumn. This plant self seeds freely, so it needs monitoring, but I find it a valuable addition at the back of a mixed border. It grows to about 7ft each year after being cut down to about a foot in late spring and once the flowers have finished, it will produce shiny almost black berries.

That’s my six for this week – for more, please visit the home of SoS at

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Macro

  1. Jim Stephens says:

    At least with a digital camera you can make numerous attempts without breaking the bank. Next stop focus stacking? You’ve got the lighting and background off rather better than I usually do. The Gerbera would be my favourite.


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    While not witness to your frustration in learning, the end results of your new lens are very nice. I didn’t realise that Himalayan honeysuckle self seeded so well, not did I know to cut mine down every year. So beautiful photos & a bit of new knowledge out of your Six. Thanks!


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