Six on Saturday – Tales of the Unexpected!

On a breezy but (so far) dry morning, I’m surprised to see that five of the plants I’ve chosen for today are having a late floral flush – maybe this shouldn’t be unexpected as it’s been such a warm September, even during the rain this week. As I write, the sun’s made an appearance – it’s looking like a great day for a brisk Autumn outing with Ollie and as he’s had a couple of soakings this week, I’m going to hurry along so that he can enjoy a dry walk while we’ve got the chance! So onto my six and amid the leaf fall that is gaining momentum, these lovely gems have brightened up my day!

This delicately pale yellow day lily does not usually flower so late in the year, but it’s covered in buds so it looks like we’re going to be enjoying it for days to come. It’s the only clump in flower, the other varieties in the garden are dying back and bedding down for winter – or so I think!

Sitting next to the day lily is astrantia major. I cut this back to the ground last month and was certainly not expecting it to flower again – another treat for a couple of weeks to come!

This gorgeous canna has a new flower spike. An early frost may well stop it in it’s tracks, but hopefully not before we’ve seen at least one flower in full bloom.

Clematis ‘Etoile Violette’ is on it’s third outing this year and is just as lovely as earlier on. This star grows alongside rosa ‘Albertine’ which sadly is not having a second flush!

Now this really is unexpected! I bought 3 Gloriosa rothschildiana tubers at the Gardeners World Live show in June and promptly forgot about them. That is, until mid August, when I was tidying the book shelf on which they’d been put for safekeeping. I decided to plant them anyway and this is what I now have – sadly the stem of one has split and stunted it’s growth and another has hardly grown at all – but the third is now almost five feet tall. I don’t really know what to do with it as it is unlikely to flower this year and at hardiness level H1c, it can only be left outside in summer – this is where we could do with a heated conservatory as I’m not going to be heating the greenhouse for the next six months!

Finally, a rambler I planted about 18 years ago – Autumn occasionally brings an isolated bloom, this rose is not a repeater – but today it is covered and the fragrance, mingling with the seasonal aroma is divine!

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8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Tales of the Unexpected!

  1. Ann Mackay says:

    It’s lovely to see plants re-bloom. Nature is generous! 🙂 The yellow day lily is ever so pretty – makes me wish I could grow them here, but I have cats, so not a good idea!


  2. cavershamjj says:

    Jealous of your astrantia, mine have disappeared without trace, swamped by more vigorous plants. I must move them. I do have some more I have grown from seed so hopefully i will have more next year.


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