Digitalis ‘Alba’ (well mostly!)

One of the first sowings I made when the greenhouse was completed last summer was a white foxglove, digitalis ‘Alba’ – the seeds germinated quickly and subsequently thrived during early Autumn – they were soon ready for planting out. We’ve got the perfect border for these plants – at a higher level, there are three evenly spaced ‘Iceberg’ standard roses and I try to maintain the lower levels with white and pastel blooms. These ghostly foxgloves are now in flower and indeed, they are pure white; their petals have no internal markings and dotted around the border, they look really great.

However, there were clearly some rogue seeds in the packet – I really do like this very tall one, any suggestions on variety?

This one was also in the packet, again a lovely elegant plant – any ideas?

There’ve been occasions when I’ve been really annoyed by a rogue – a pink and white tulip in a pack of dark red tulips springs to mind immediately, but these additional foxgloves are a bonus – I’ll be collecting seeds for future use!