Six on Saturday – 1st June

It’s June 1st already and what a great start to the summer months – sunny and warm! We’ve spent quite some time weeding over the last couple of days – Chris on the paths and me in the borders. I’ve concentrated on removing grass from where it isn’t wanted and battling with cleavers – as blogged about yesterday. One of these Saturdays, I might do six weeds, but today I’m all weeded out! Here are my six for this week:

Rosa ‘Albertine’

The roses are now well on their way! This one is Rosa ‘Albertine’, on old rose and despite being a non-repeater it’s an absolute favourite of mine – it is heartwarmingly beautiful and has a really rosy fragrance. I didn’t plant this rose at the cottage, but after seeing it at an NGS open garden many years ago, I planted it in the garden at home – it isn’t flowering yet, we’ve a sensory treat to look forward to.

This azure clematis is another plant we inherited from the cottage’s previous owners, I think it’s ‘H.F Young’, but would be happy to be corrected if I’m wrong! It’s a large and early flowering variety and it repeats occasionally depending on the weather – last year it flowered sporadically throughout the long hot summer.

Yet another allium, this time – angulosum. The flowers are a very delicate pink and as you can see, bees love it. It has self seeded in several areas of the garden in Wales and is not so tall as many alliums, but a welcome addition.

Next – not a plant – an insect. This wonderfully iridescent damselfly is the perfectly named ‘Beautiful Demoiselle’. They are flitting around on the surface of the river and over the last couple of days, seem to be taking a rest break on leaves in the garden – fascinating!

Heuchera ‘Lipstick’ – I love the contrast between the pale leaves with their prominent veins and its fuchsia pink flowers. I love heuchera – they are great at the front of a border as in addition to the delicate nature of the flower stems, their foliage is interesting all year round.

Finally for today – at this time of year the hedgerow is at its very best. Just up the lane from the cottage, there’s a plethora of wild flowers jumbling their way along the roadside. From ferns to campion to stitchwort to bluebells to cow parsley – it’s an absolute riot!

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 1st June

  1. Helen Johnstone says:

    Thank you for sharing the hedgerow photos, reminded me of family holiday when my boys were small.
    I was introduced to that damselfly last year on a trip to Somerset, we were visiting Iford Manor (I think) and there is a stream with a bridge and the number of damsels was amazing, quite distracting


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    What a stunning rose! I agree w/you on that heuchera as well. I’ve seen some damsels in my garden this year, which surprised me, & know none of them by name. They’re bits of magic flitting about. You’ve done a wonderful job of photographing that one.


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