Greenhouse on the way!

My greenhouse base has been built this week – not straightforward, but it’s holding such promise! I’m really impressed with the workmanship of Robin McGregor of Green Bug Ltd (, he offers a range of designs and bespoke services, with the build including brick bases, frames and indoor shelving.


The week started on bank holiday Monday with a final site check – I’d made a floor sized template to lay on the ground – this brought concern that an additional shrub, a holly pruned to a large lollipop, was going to be far too near to the greenhouse.

Robin arrived on Tuesday morning and we agreed that the holly also had to go. After this, it was really hard slog for Robin as there were so many roots along the line of the foundations – there were of course several large shrubs and a couple of trees in this area which I had had removed earlier in the year. Eventually, at 7pm the foundation ditch was dug and the following day, Robin worked from 7:30 – 22:45 to get the foundations completed, wall built and inside flooring laid!

Ollie’s a bit bemused by it – I’ve quickly got used to the size and can’t wait for phase 2!