National Gardening Week

This photo popped up on Facebook recently  – 2 years since we visited Highgrove Garden during National Gardening week 2016 – can’t believe the time has passed so quickly!


National Gardening Week is much later this year, from 30th April – 6th May, and we’ve been really busy – not had time to visit any gardens

The week started in Wales where the weather was lovely and sunny but quite fresh. Some serious weeding was required – the couch grass we removed from this border last year is showing one of two signs of having survived and so this was a priority.


Back in Walsall on 1st May, the rest of the week has been spent preparing for G-Day – Robin of Green-Bug Greenhouses is due to build the greenhouse base starting next week and Jewson’s delivered the hard materials on Friday.

It’s a shame we had so much to do, clearing the last of the ivy from the ground, moving all pots and cold frame contents from the side passageway, relocating garden furniture off the patio – because the weather was so beautiful and just a bit hot for these jobs!

I’m sure it’ll be worth it – bring on the greenhouse!