It’s stopped raining!

dsc_0217 A welcome respite from rain, today was sunny and in fact quite.., well warm isn’t the right word, but it certainly wasn’t cold. In the garden at Scott Road, flowers are still both full of colour and plentiful and it’s been a joy to be out and pottering.

This afternoon, tulip planting was order of the moment and I’m very pleased to report that every single bulb we’ve bought is now snuggly in the ground. I found a gorgeous white one, ‘Shirley’, petals tipped with mauve for the cool border, ‘Queen of the Night’, a fantastic one for the jewel garden and some spicy varieties for the hot border. I’ve also taken some inspiration from Carol Klein and planted in pots – ‘Angelique’ reportedly does well, so it’s just wait and see now…

Over in the pond (amongst the pond weed), have noticed that there are also quite a few tadpoles still – does anyone know whether this is a common occurrence and also – are they likely to develop into frogs now?


The pond really needs some clearing – the bullrushes and the pond weeds are taking over – but I spent more time watching this ginger frog basking in the sunshine, so its a job for another day.