What to do with grapes?

Appearances can be deceptive – these lovely grapes are actually  very small, in reality they haven’t fully ripened.

The vine growing over the oil tank in the garden in Wales has not produced anything more than tiny pea size fruits in previous years, but this years hot dry summer has encouraged a decent crop of fruit, sadly now we are in October I doubt they will fully ripen, so I’ve been looking for ideas about what to do with them, seems such a shame to leave them – and the birds don’t seem to be interested.

A quick internet search produced three possible options, verjus (literally green juice, made from unripe fruit), green grape jam and green grape salad dressing. As it is recommended that a good juicer or processor is used, I’ll be taking them round to my mom’s – to use her highly efficient Kitchen Aid – watch this space, hopefully I’ll produce something edible!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the garden, a there is a distinct Autumnal feel in the air, the trees are starting to lose their leaves and squirrels are busy collecting and burying nuts that have fallen.

 This Rodgersia pinnata ‘Superba’, a moisture loving plant, thrives in this spot right on the bank of the river – the water regularly rises to this level in winter, leaving silt as it recedes, clearly the perfect site!