Endings & beginnings

It’s been a great autumn day in the garden at Aberglasne, sunny, dry and bright. I love the light at this time of year, low and bright on a good day, filtering through the thin spread of foliage still to fall. Somehow, there’s a poignant feeling to the endings that are going on, making way for the the next cycle to begin, it gives me a marvellous feeling of anticipation and and an eagerness to get on with preparations.


First thing we did on arrival was to fill the feeders and within minutes the usual suspects were perching, and hanging from them, tits in abundance, and a persistent nuthatch in particular.

The river is high and clear as it rushes through bubbling and frothing on its endless journey. We saw a couple of dippers swooping up and down at great speed, but couldn’t get a picture despite my greatest efforts!


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Chris on his favourite garden tool, giving the grass a last cut before wrapping it up, cleaned and oiled, until springDSC_1761