Fatsia Japonica

What a week! We’ve experienced a journey out of lockdown and straight into Tier 3, the golf course re-opened but then then shut again due to rain and work continued from home as usual – but at least I am now able to enter my parent’s garden to see not just my mom and dad, but also their thriving castor oil plant. I’d heard all about this years wonderful inflorescence, but the descriptions didn’t do it justice – its amazing 12-15 foot height and spread is covered in these fabulous flowering umbels.

Fatsia japonica is an evergreen shrub, growing to an ultimate height and spread of 12-14 feet; its verdant palmate leaves growing to a width of up to 10 inches add structure to the garden and the diminutive white flowers dotted on reaching stems continue to add interest as they’re followed by small black fruits. This versatile shrub will grow in most well drained soils in sun or partial shade, but does need shelter. Mom’s is growing quite near to the house in a fairly sheltered position and is clearly benefitting – I tried to grow one over a number of years and still do not know why it eventually died. I moved it from the ground to a pot when floundering, then back into the ground before its demise – too exposed? Certainly a possibility, but after seeing seeing how well this plant is fairing in my parent’s garden this year, I will be trying again.

What a beauty!

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  1. Keith S says:

    Oh this has been of those times for noticing plants that have flowered and the Fatsia is one. A friend was so excited to show me hers at the top of her garden hidden from view. It was the first time it had flowered. On the way home I saw in two gardens that there are fatsias flowing in abundance. Amazing.

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