Six from Wales – Adieu for now!

We were in Wales this week, firstly when our area of the West Midlands went into Tier 2 precautions and secondly the Welsh First Minister announced that from 18:00 hours on 15th October, no-one was to travel into Wales from a hotspot in England – and this has to be an entirely reasonable decision, for although we are extremely cautious when visiting, it seems that not everyone is. Hopefully the majority of us will follow the requirements wherever we live and the fight against Covid 19 will be won sooner rather than later. We’ve spent a few days making sure the house and garden are tidy and secure – my six this week are from Wales:

Lawn cut, edges trimmed, some weeding done, the garden is tidy for now. It’s shame to leave it, but there’s plenty to do here in Walsall!

A light trim for the spring flowering shrubs – they were cut back after flowering, but there were quite a few straggly bits growing and the variegated weigela had sprouted a few plain green stems.

This spring flowering cherry self seeded in our garden in Walsall, but although we tried to conserve as much root as possible when we dug it up for transplanting, it has looked very sad for the last 18 months – but look at it now! We may even get some blossom next year….

I love this diminutive rockery plant, parahebe catarractae ‘Avalanche’, but this is the only one of four that is still going strong 3 years after planting – I think I may have over pruned them. It’s a semi-evergreen shrub growing to approximately 40cm and likes sun or partial shade in most well drained soils. Avalanche is summer flowering, but this is the second flush of flowers this year, it’s so pretty!

I planted this persicaria runcinata the last time we were in Wales, I bought it at Farmyard Nurseries nearby – for a persicaria it’s got an unusual round flower head. A herbaceous perennial, it’s another plant that isn’t fussy about soil as long as it is well draining, it grows to about 50cm and likes sun or partial shade. It seems to have settled nicely into it’s new home!

A cup of tea looking out over the garden to the river and then it was back on the road home!

Keep safe and well all…

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11 thoughts on “Six from Wales – Adieu for now!

  1. Cathy says:

    What a lovely garden your Welsh garden is. I hope you don’t miss it too much when you’re away. And so nice to see your cherry beginning to flourish. Take care.


  2. Noelle M says:

    How nice to be able to have two gardens to experiment with. A lot of work I am sure, but with different micro climates, you will have room for almost anything. I would find that daunting, as I love plants so much. I am limited thankfully but each year decide what to get rid of so that I am able to grown something new. Keep safe.

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  3. Ann Mackay says:

    The persicaria and parahebe flowers are so pretty! Your garden looks like it would be a lovely place to relax in – hope it stays secure while you’re away from it, but above all, keep yourselves safe and healthy!

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  4. SD Gates says:

    Beautiful gardens – so lush and green. So glad you could save the flowering cherry – I have had hit and miss luck with cherries, they seem fickle – one year they will flourish and the next year they look like they are on their last leg.

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