Six on Saturday – Sunny Side Up!

I’ve got a few days annual leave next week, so it’s been time to take stock and prioritise some long overdue jobs in the garden. There’s a significant amount of tidying by way of dead heading and cutting back to be done, along with some bigger tasks involving the clearing of ivy from a dark border and digging up the euphorbia ‘Robbiae’ which I dealt with earlier in the year. I had bought a batch of dahlia tubers to fill the space I’m going to have, but they took ages to arrive and as I think it’s too late for them now I’ve stored them for next year. My six are from the garden in Walsall this week and I’ve selected six bright and beautiful sun lovers!

This perennial sunflower is bright and it is beautiful, but I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a large area to spare – it has an indefinite spread and it’s roots are extremely difficult to eradicate if you change your mind about it. I did, and dug it up at least five years ago, but every year, I find a little of it and this year, it has taken off again!

Onto one of my favourite August plants, the bee and butterfly magnet, helenium ‘Waltraut’. Having read one of the Propogator’s blogs earlier in the year, I followed his lead and divided this plant, putting the new small clumps straight into the ground – with great success! Heleniums love a sunny spot and do well in most well drained soils.

Crocosmia ‘Paul’s Best Yellow’ is a lovely addition to the border. Like all montbretias it’s best in full sun, but tolerates most soils. Just in front of this plant is a new montbretia that I have not planted, it is orangey red and I’m wondering if there’s been some cross pollination with ‘Lucifer’, which is in the opposite border?

I’ve had some success with seeds this year, firstly with rudbeckia ‘dwarf mixed’, although some of these are two feet tall so I’m not sure dwarf is a great description! I have made a mistake with these in not pinching the growing tips out when young as they do seem to be one stem wonders! Still, planted en masse in a sunny well drained spot they are still effective.

Also from seed, these healthy looking cherry tomatoes ‘Sungold’. As they seemed to be developing rather slowly, I’ve taken them out of the greenhouse and put them in a sunny spot against a wall – seems to have done the trick…

Out in a blaze of glory this week with hemerocallis ‘Sammy Russell’, the plant that keeps on giving! I hope I’m forgiven for regularly featuring this lovely plant.

Keep safe and well!

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12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Sunny Side Up!

  1. One Man And His Garden Trowel says:

    I’m always unsure which seedlings are okay to pinch out and which are not. I was about to look into the perennial sunflower after seeing your photo and then read on! It is lovely though. I must get a helenium. I’ve seen a few today and I don’t know why I don’t know why I don’t have any! Great Six.

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  2. Ann Mackay says:

    Lovely sunny pictures! But I’m a bit worried because I have the same perennial sunflower and it’s growing well this year, after struggling in other dry years…yikes!

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  3. cavershamjj says:

    nice, glad you are happy with your dividing results. I have several big clumps now that i need to divide to keep them healthy, i’ll have to give away most of the results, even i am now ready to admit that i don’t have enough room! or maybe i’ll just stuff them in….

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