Six on Saturday in Wales

After a week of mainly good weather in Wales, today has been, well …wet. Getting out into the garden between showers has been rather hit and miss, mainly because the showers have persisted – there’s been no in between! In capturing six images for this weeks’s SOS , I have just about managed to avoid a total soaking!

Some areas of the garden are extremely green at the moment and having taken out weeds, we were left with one or two strangled and sorry looking plants that frankly, needed replacing. A visit to Farmyard Nurseries resulted in several purchases, including this deep red astilbe – an understated splash of welcome colour!

This potentilla nepalensis ‘Melton Fire’ has been busy self seeding again and has now appeared in the front garden. It’s a very pretty plant and by the looks of the flower on the left, something unknown has found it very attractive!

Rosa ‘The Poet’s Wife’ is resilient – not only has it survived the stranglehold of the dreaded cleaver, persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Firetail’ has encroached on its space and persistent rain is playing havoc with new buds. But having been given some freedom, this lovely rose has sprung back to life and with a wonderful scent and sunny petals, it’s just a joy.

The indestructible crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ is about to flower here in Wales, but has been in full flush in Walsall since last week. It’s not the slightest bit bothered by rain, wind or even the cleavers. Nothing seems to eat it and the leaves are always strong and blemish free. One minor drawback – it does flop if the clump gets too big and so benefits from some support.

How adorable is this little chap (or chappete)! It’s so lovely to find a family of young robins in the garden, which is amazing given that a predatory family of feral cats has also been resident over the last few weeks (Jackie managed to catch them and they’ve been re-homed)! There are three feathered youngsters – and they don’t seem to mind human company!

Believe it or not, rain was still pouring down when I took this picture – thankfully the forecast for tomorrow is looking good!

Keep safe and stay well!

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  1. Ann Mackay says:

    I really like the rich colours of the astilbe and the potentilla. The robin is sweet – glad that the feral cats are safely re-homed. I always worry about the young birds in our garden because we have two cats – though they’re slowing up a bit as they get older.

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