Six on Saturday – ornaments

The garden has had a good soaking over the last 3 days and not before time as at the beginning of the week it was looking distinctly parched and the hose wasn’t having much effect. However, as we’re now greener and healthier, the rain and wind can now stop (please) – otherwise the roses will be past their best before their time!

This week, I’ve chosen six of my favourite garden features. So many come and go, but the best ones withstand the test of time and are so sentimentally familiar, I couldn’t be without them – most have been gifts from either Chris or my parents:

Oldest first and I found this lovely cherub, a Biblical guardian of paradise, in the bargain corner in our local garden centre just after Christmas about 18 years ago. My birthday is in January and mom gifted him to me. He’s stayed in more or less the same position ever since – in full view from just about every corner of the garden.

Almost as old at 14 years is this elegant stone urn and pedestal, a birthday present from my parents when I was 45. It’s the central feature in our side garden and I’m really looking forward to seeing the roses surrounding it in flower – we filled the bed with rosa ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ after much deliberation last year. Most of our roses are in flower now – but we can only see tiny buds on Lady Emma, so fingers crossed for a great first season!

This little girl has been sitting contemplating at the pond-side for about 10 years and has suffered a decapitation after falling into the water and hitting a rock (expertly repaired by Chris) during her lifetime.

Another elegant structure, another birthday present. This terracotta bird bath, supported by wood nymphs was a gift from Chris twelve or so years ago. Also known in Greek mythology as ‘dryads’, wood nymphs are shy creatures associated with growing and living entities – perfect for a garden. I’ve moved it around a few times over the years, but its current position is likely to be the nymph’s permanent home – it looks good and so many birds show their appreciation of the bath!

My pond-side kingfisher is a relatively new addition, he’s about five years old. You’ve guessed it – another gift; this time for Christmas, from Chris.

Finally – a gift to myself! I love these sculpted seed heads, a perfect interpretation of papaver somniferum, the opium poppy. I don’t think of them as plant supports (although they are effective), they’re just too good looking!

Keep safe and well!

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8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – ornaments

  1. Lisa says:

    Wonderful ornaments! Such thoughtful presents. I love them all, especially the poppy seed heads. Or the birdbath, or the urn! I have to keep my eyes open wider for more of these types of things for my garden.

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  2. Noelle M says:

    There is something so personal and endearing about garden ornaments that stand the test of time. How lovely to select this as a Six on Saturday topic.


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