Six on Saturday – It’s a Whiteout!

Another week of self isolation in this frankly terrifying crisis, but we’re lucky to be safe and well. Our thoughts have been consumed with sadness for the people who have died and their families. The garden is such a blessing, an enjoyable fruitful distraction and I just can’t imagine being without it, now more than ever.

When not in my new ‘home office’, I’ve been potting on, seed sowing, and sorting out pots while Chris has been weeding and sorting out a border that I’ve rather neglected over the last couple of years – there’ll be more on his progress next week. There’s an increasing choice for Six on Saturday as the spring garden develops, this week I’ve chosen white flowers….

Tulipa ‘Shirley’ has a pretty flower with a delicate lilac edge to its petals. I planted these in the pastel and white border in 2018 and as many tulips don’t do a second year, I’m really pleased to see it back again.

Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘Alba’ (previously Dicentra spectabilis), despite looking very delicate is a resilient herbaceous perennial. Preferring semi-shade and any soil type, this one has been moved several times (I’m now content with its position) and springs happily back each year.

Spiraea ‘Arguta’ is a bee friendly shrub preferring moist well drained soil in sun. With a height and spread of approximately 6-8ft, I have two in pots to restrict their growth as I like to move them in and out of the pastel and white border whilst in flower. I saw small specimens of this shrub planted with tulips in a display at Highgrove House a few years ago and was instantly hooked!

One of my favourites, Tulipa ‘Angelique’ is usually pink – these have been in the same pot for two years and are fading to white! Still, they are as beautiful as ever and I’ll be enjoying them for the next few weeks.

Another white tulip, this one is ‘Tres Chic’, it’s certainly lives up to its name, very elegant!

The Propagator included Narcissus ‘Thalia’ last week when ours were still but a bud – this week they’re out to impress! I really love white daffodils, they’re just so understated!

That’s my six for this week, keep safe and well.

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15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – It’s a Whiteout!

  1. prue batten says:

    Oh you had me at the word ‘white’. I am such a fan of white gardens and all those fragile little highlights that creep in – lilac, palest pink and so forth. Your spring garden looks wonderful. Thank you!

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  2. Ann Mackay says:

    Like you, I’ve especially appreciated my garden over the last weeks – it’s such a relief to be able to escape to it. We have that spiraea here too, but the previous owners planted it much too close to a path, so my hubby keeps it trimmed back and the poor thing never gets a chance to flower. Never mind, I must just get a few cuttings going for somewhere with a bit more space… 🙂

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  3. karen says:

    Lovely spring flowers. They make all the difference don’t they. Love Angelique. The white ones are pretty too. Keep safe Phao. Karen x


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