Six on Saturday – Goodbye 2019!

We’re in Wales for the last Saturday of 2019 and it’s still rather dull and damp weather wise – the garden isn’t terribly appealing from the warmth of a fireside seat. However, on wrapping up and donning hat and gloves, a close inspection amongst the borders revealed all sorts of newness springing forth, making for an enjoyable afternoon pottering. I’ve actually been surprisingly spoilt for choice for my six this week. My selection includes bud, leaf and flower:

A pretty little primrose peeks out from behind a rock, but we’re not fooled by its delicate appearance, it’s as strong as an ox!

The gorgeous pieris japonica is an extremely reliable plant with year round interest. In winter, this six feet tall shrub sees its evergreen leaves complemented by clusters of delightful bell shaped pink flowers.

It’s quite hard to imagine that these rather peculiar looking buds will develop into a splendid display by the end of January – a proper ugly duckling! This particular hellebore has dark claret coloured flowers through into March and I’ve noticed that this year that it’s been busy spreading over several feet in small clumps – I’m looking forward to seeing it blossom.

Just emerging from the earth are the brilliant red buds of a pale pink hardy geranium, I think it is endressii – a vigorous self seeder. It’s certainly happy to romp amongst the daffodils growing in close proximity.

This gunnera manicata continues to survive with very little protection. It is situated in a sheltered but very wet part of the garden and we haven’t had any really hard frosts since it was planted. Last years leaves have rotted down, but the crowns seem to be happy, healthy and ready to spring into action.

I love the evergreen russet edged leaves of bergenia, even in preference to the flowers they produce in spring. They add structure and interest all year round – a very useful plant!

That’s my choice for this week, I’m looking forward to writing and reading Saturday blogs in 2020, but in the meantime, visit the home of SoS for more at:

Happy New Year!

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  1. Ann Mackay says:

    It’s wonderful to see the new life beginning to emerge in the garden…full of promise for 2020! Hope your new year is full of happiness!


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