Six from a Wet Walsall Arboretum!

Late this wet and windy afternoon and with very little enthusiasm, I ventured out with Ollie for a walk in Walsall Arboretum – and it turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. The wind dropped, the rain stopped and we meandered through the trees and ignored the muddy terrain, sticking mainly to the pathways. The trees are stunning at the moment and after the drenching they’ve had over the last 24 hours, their decaying leaves are glistening with every vibrant shade on the colour wheel. I think they’re worthy of a six feature this week!

I didn’t have my camera with me as I hadn’t anticipated stopping to take pictures and so my phone had to do. Its camera is not bad so long as I don’t use the zoom – pictures lose definition even with the slightest touch.

The paths are strewn with leaves now – Ollie loves to sniff and forage in them, just had to take care not to slip!

The lake and stream have both broken their banks today – we’ve had such a wet October, the water has continued to rise with little opportunity for levels to drop in between downpours.

This area has great promise for the future – new acers were planted a couple of years ago and although still comparatively tiny amongst the mature specimens, they are starting to make their colourful mark. Ollie loves it for a completely different reason – it has a significant squirrel population and he just loves the chase!

I really love kicking my way through the leaves in this area in Autumn, it’s usually quiet and the swish and rustle (on a dry day!) is music to my ears – straight back to childhood!

Do you think Ollie looks fed up? He probably was – his walk had frequent interruptions as I stopped to take pictures and he’s not so keen on sitting still!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for drier weather next week! That’s my six for today, for more, please visit the home of SoS at

10 thoughts on “Six from a Wet Walsall Arboretum!

  1. nancy marie allen says:

    Your Ollie is adorable! Lovely photos in spite of using your phone; the newer devices just keep getting better which is good news for us nature walkers who always forget our cameras. We’ve also had a very wet October here but, since I’ve done a lot of planting this month, I’m glad for the rain.


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    The leaves in the first photo look blue! What are they? How amazing that must be to see in such a beautiful setting. Ollie sounds a sensible dog. Sniffs to sniffs. Get to it, human!


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