Six on Saturday – Oh what a beautiful morning!

After a few wet days, the sun’s out for what looks like a lovely August bank holiday weekend in Wales! I can almost smell the barbecue Chris is planning for this evening, but in the meantime, I’ve enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the garden with my camera. It’s certainly looking great – after all the hard work Chris has put in pruning, trimming and hedge cutting this week.

It’s already 24 degrees outside – the garden is a sun trap during the morning and it’s far too warm for work, looks like we’ll be getting the sun loungers out and relaxing instead!

There’s a great view over the country side from the garden, the sky is still full of house martins and swifts, but this year there have been very few swallows. Still, there’s a third clutch of house martins in the nest under the eaves, hopefully they’ll grow in time for the Autumn migration.

The path down to the river gets overgrown easily and needs a sharp eye kept on it – couch grass, enchanter’s nightshade and creeping buttercup in particular. The echinops is attracting solitary bees as usual, along with varying sizes of bumble bees – it’s alive with a steady hum.

The river bank is cool and peaceful, shaded as it is with trees on both sides. This week, otters have been seen at night (we missed them) and during the day, dippers flit up and down regularly from their nest under the bridge. Chris was also lucky enough to catch sight of a a kingfisher a couple of days ago.

The perfect English rose, rosa ‘The Poet’s Wife’ is flowering profusely and delights with its wonderful drifting fragrance as you walk past it. We planted it in a sunny spot a couple of years ago and it is thriving!

Finally – well what can I say? No soon as the cushions are placed on the bench, Ollie’s there – out for a spot of sunbathing. He didn’t last long though, he’s now on the cool stone floor of the kitchen!

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