Six on Saturday – Butterflies

After a particularly painful nine holes of golf (I’m a beginner) yesterday morning, I decided to have an afternoon of peace and quiet, but after only a few minutes in the garden couldn’t help noticing how many butterflies were fluttering by – I wondered if I could capture six on camera. Well I certainly saw six different species, but unfortunately the tiny Common Blue just wouldn’t settle and was far too quick in flight for me and my lens! Anyway, here are my six:

The peacock butterfly was the first to catch my eye and there were at least three gently to-ing and fro-ing, making their way between aster frikatii ‘Monch’, verbena bonariensis and a deep purple buddleia. So beautiful, their perfect markings are amazing!

Our garden is always popular with Small Whites and yesterday was no exception. These delicate subjects were almost exclusively selecting verbena bonariensis, which has self seeded prolifically around the garden this year.

This one was flicking around in the earth – but would’t stay still with its wings open! I got a good look at it as it flew away and after consulting an on-line guide, I think it’s a Speckled Wood.

Next is the delightful Comma, who fluttered about on the echinaceas, frequently vying for position with the plethora of bumble bees buzzing about their business.

This Gatekeeper spent a moment or two on the lychnis, but undoubtedly preferred the oregano plant, on which it spent a happy afternoon.

I do wish I could have got six, but the Common Blue eluded me and there were no others. But this was a surprise – a grasshopper! I heard him first of course, but am very surprised I managed to spot him – hadn’t even got my glasses on!

Happy gardening week all! For more sixes, visit the home of Six on Saturday:

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Butterflies

  1. sedumsdahliasandhayfever says:

    What a lovely selection of butterflies. I shave only seen a Painted a ladies and small whites on my garden this year. Mind you that is the first time I have seen painted ladies. I can always remember hearing grasshoppers when I was a kid never heard one in years.


  2. Ann Mackay says:

    Butterflies are a happy sight in the garden! There seem to be a few around here at the moment – at last! 🙂


  3. Lora Hughes says:

    You’ve got some really great shots, there. I’m impressed w/your camera skills – I could never hold mine still long enough for such clear photos. Everyone says it’s been a bumper year for butterflis & your garden seems to prove that true. Enjoy these a lot.


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