Six on Saturday – Perfect Flowers

I’ve loved this week, the weather has been just as I like it – not too hot, not too windy, not too cloudy and not too wet! I’ve blogged about an interesting writing exercise signposted in ‘The Garden’ journal in June – it was very relaxing, you might want to try it too. I think the garden has also enjoyed the weather over the last seven days, my six today are flowers that look absolutely perfect this morning:

I’m starting off with this super water lily – almost too perfect! (need to get on top of the duckweed though!)

The mesmerising Papaver somniferum ‘Drama Queen’ has popped up this week – a plant I haven’t seen for a couple of years, originally sown from a packet of seed I purchased at Eastgrove Cottage Gardens in Worcestershire before the lovely couple who opened their garden decided to retire from the gardening spotlight.

Sweet peas sown from seed have put out their tendrils to entrap this lovely thalictrum Spelendide’, a great delicate combination!

This malva moschata ‘Snow White’ freely self seeds, it is at it’s billowy best at the moment, mixing beautifully with lychnis coronaria.

The promised shasta daisy is now nodding gently in the breeze, these will last a couple of weeks, but unfortunately I’ve never had any success with a second flush even when cut back.

My newly identified catananche caerulea (another SOS faithful helped with this). Yet another prolific self seeder, particularly in poor soil, it’s a gorgeous plant at every stage. I leave the spent flower heads in winter – they add a certain something when snow or ice capped.

There’s my six for this week, for more please visit the home of Six on Saturday at

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Perfect Flowers

    • Phao Hewitson says:

      It is a lovely flower – usually they peek out from under leaves and are partially hidden – today there are 3 sitting prettily! The Cupid’s Dart will probably self seed as well if you leave it.


  1. nancy marie allen says:

    I also grow lychnis coronaria, AKA rose campion, which tends to reseed itself all over the place here. I’m not complaining, just amazed by this prolific plant. My husband even noticed some of the fuschia pink flowers growing in the woods just beyond our yard!


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    Great water lily & another on its way. That Drama Queen is quite the beauty, isn’t she? Is she a perennial, then, or did she come back from dormant seeds? The sweet peas & thalictrum is a lovely combo. All the photos are great, actually!


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