Six on Saturday – Our Greenhouse

Well it’s just a year since our greenhouse was completed and handed over to me by master craftsman, Robin MacGregor of Greenbug Ltd. As it has brought me so much pleasure (and lots more plants), I thought I’d honour it with six pictures today.

Made with a brick base and accoya wood (which has a 60 year life expectancy), it’s built to last and today it looks as good as it did a year ago. I chose ‘cardroom green’ paint for the wood from the Farrow & Ball colour card and I’m so pleased with the way it blends in with the garden.

I love the finials and I also asked for the crested ridge finish on the roof – I’ve found that this has the added benefit of wood pigeons not being able to balance on (I’d wholeheartedly recommend adding this feature to avoid the mess a row of birds perched up there might make!).

The automatic openers in the roof are a clever feature – as the oil in the tubes warms up, the windows open!

Robin designs the greenhouses himself and has a range to choose from, but he also offers a bespoke service. Mine is a ‘Sarah’ and I find its overall shape, which includes a porch effect entrance, so attractive – it’s not only made a difference to me as a gardener, it’s also an integral feature of the garden as a whole. As I wanted a structure that would serve as both greenhouse and summerhouse (being limited on space and budget), this building is perfect.

Today is duller than it has been and we’re due for some rain and so on a day like this, what better pastime than to sit in covered comfort with a cup of tea and a view of the garden!

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16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Our Greenhouse

  1. Prue Batten says:

    I’m in love with your greenhouse. The view through the door to what is obviously such a lovely garden is beautiful as well. I wonder if I can persuade OH that I ‘need’ a glasshouse.


  2. CadyLuck Leedy says:

    Oh, I would love to have a greenhouse like this! AND I am so glad you told us the color and producer of that paint color! It’s the color I have been looking for!


  3. Ann Mackay says:

    Your greenhouse is beautiful…it would be lovely to sit in there to enjoy your garden. The crested ridge is a great idea – pigeons are a nuisance here too.


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