Six on Saturday – May 25th

As we move further towards summer, and with so many days of sunshine and warmth, the choice for six favourites is increasingly difficult! In addition, today we celebrated my mom’s birthday – just got in and selected these lovely flowers to mark the day:

An absolute favourite of mine, each year I’m impatient with anticipation – the fabulous allium ‘Purple Sensation’

allium ‘Purple Sensation’

Next, this gorgeous rose – I’ve selected it previously as it was the first rose to flower this year – but this week it really is shining (speaks for itself really)

Persicaria bistorta ‘Superbum’ Super plant, but as previously blogged, needs to be kept under control. We’ve got it encircling our pond, this year it’s even in the pond, so will have to check its growth:

There’s a whole story (to come) about these two varieties of ranunculus, which I grew from corms in late January – the first is supposed to be pale pink and the second is ‘Picotee’ – really gorgeous!

This wisteria, which I think is ‘Amethyst Falls’ is really struggling and as it’s on the root line of a silver birch we lost two years ago I am concerned it’s going the same sad way as a lovely yellow rose and a viburnum ‘Eve Price’, both of which were nearby and have died. Not sure what to do to save it – any ideas?

Finally, this effusion of cow parsley is obviously not growing in our garden, but I’m including it as I find its billowing habit joyful each spring – I’ve even found a wallpaper featuring this vigorous plant and we’ve decorated a room with it, so I can savour it all year round!

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – May 25th

  1. Helen Johnstone says:

    Lovely, my wisteria hasn’t flowered ever. I’m hoping it’s not a dud. I have some ranunculus but I suspect I planted them a bit late as so far I only have leaves and no flowers


    • Phao Hewitson says:

      I planted quite a few ranunculus – I had an ambition to add them to our daughter’s wedding flowers – that was in April and there wasn’t a sign of anything more than leaves! There are still only three or four flowers in all of the eight pots!


  2. Lora Hughes says:

    Piscaria is so lovely but it’s also a thug. Hard to curtail something so nice. Wonder what could be killing off things – & such a variety of things – in that one area of your garden.


    • Phao Hewitson says:

      I know – I’d hate to get rid of it though, looks so good at this time of year! I think the decaying roots of a deceased, very large silver birch may be the problem – we had it cut down and the root ball ground out. I haven’t seen any sign of the dreaded honey fungus, fingers crossed.


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