Six on Saturday

Great day in the garden, planted out all the delphiniums I grew from seed last year, did a little weeding and feeding (but didn’t get through my list, mainly as I took a break to go to a plant fair!). Here are six lovely flowers for Saturday:

Self seeded centaurea

I love this flower, the petals are so delicate and the colours striking – but it’s a strong self seeder.

Iberis ‘Absolutely Amethyst’

My son bought me this sweet iberis last year – how nice of him I hear you say, but the truth is that he was left to water the garden for a week last June and he didn’t do a good job! Needless to say, I lost a few newly planted specimens – I didn’t have to tell him to replace though, he did go shopping voluntarily!

First flower this year on geranium ‘Rozanne’

Lovely hardy geranium, flowers from May to October, makes a very neat, large clump and does not self seed!

Sweet pea grown from seed late last year

Paper thin blossoms on this gorgeous sweet pea – I’ve lost the packet and so can’t identify it (really must improve my greenhouse organisation skills).

First rose to flower this year

This vigorous strong scented rambling rose was planted many years ago – you’ve guessed it, I have no record of it’s name – would be grateful if it could be identified!

Cytisus Hollandia

Finally, another sweet scent from this floriferous broom, planted conveniently near a bench. I’ve had to stake it firmly due to the weight of the flowers.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Lora Hughes says:

    That broom is wonderful, well worth staking. That rose isn’t too bad, either. Love the iberis, too. Is that the original plant or the replacement after the great thirst of ’18?


  2. Lisa says:

    I actually like your purple candytuft. I say that because I am not a regular white candytuft fan! I pull it out when it grows in seed mixes!
    I am glad too see your hardy geranium. I grew some from seeds, and now I know what one of them is, Rozanne!

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