Flowers – come up and see me – and make me smile

I started writing this blog on Good Friday and was almost ready to publish this morning – with a blog about the fabulous weather and the amazing flowers emerging into this lovely springtime. However, at around 10:30, Chris appraised me of the appalling events in Sri Lanka taking place. It’s difficult to go on and highlight what a glorious Easter weekend this has been, with the sun, warmth, blossom and flowers we’ve experienced, but with thoughts and heartfelt wishes to all those who are suffering at the hands of such atrocities and in the spirit of goodness and normality, this blog is about the beauty of nature; and the joy and happiness it should bring to us all. From Walsall Arboretum, to Scott Road and on to Aberglasne in Wales – the beauty of flora.

In the Arboretum on Good Friday, rhododendron, magnolia ‘Stellata’ and the elegant amalanchier lamarckii (June berry). And oh, how wonderful, these fabulous bluebells, just opening their gorgeous blue buds amidst the dewy grass – so familiar and subsequently, so heartwarming.

In the garden in Scott Road, tulips are starting to show their lovely faces – including the delicately coloured ‘Angelique’ – I particularly love the form and colour of this variety – they’re in a pot and are making a third annual appearance (although I do think they are paler than last year). The lovely viola dancing away with bellis were propagated from seed last summer – they were easy to grow and what a result! Blossom on the crab apple tree nods gently in the warm breeze and it’s looking like we may get a bumper crop of little apples for later in the year. Then of course, there’s the floaty Spirea ‘Arguta’ – I planted these wispy shrubs in pots having seen them in spring displays at Highgrove a few years ago. I’ll be keeping them where they are as I’m keen to keep them small – they appeal to me this way as it is a shrub that can look straggly as it gets bigger and it can take up a fair amount of space – as I’m not particularly vigilant when it comes to keeping shrubs under control with pruning, this is my best strategy for staying in love with them.

On to Wales and daffodils are still flowering – these include the late last year planting and so it’ll be interesting to see if they flower so late again next year (doubt it!). Springing up gracefully amongst primroses and celandine on the river bank, they paint a stunning picture.

And so, this quintessentially spring picture was to be the finale to this blog – a few flowers collected from the garden. Definitely smile worthy, but this afternoon, in the field next to our garden, the wonderful spring lambs kept me captivated for hours – I haven’t yet captured on camera the twins born at about 3pm, but I’ve just been outside to look for them (no joy, think they’re hiding in the long grass), and there’s a blackbird singing his heart out amidst what seems to be a whole colony of bats darting back and forth over the river! How lucky we all are to be here, we really must appreciate what we’ve got and strive to care for it.

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