February in Flower

Isn’t the power of nature amazing when it literally springs to life? The profusion of flora and fauna over the last week, not to mention the oddly unseasonal warmth, have certainly got me up with the larks and into the garden, raring to go! There’s been a delightful explosion of colour wherever we’ve been and on Friday bees were alive and kicking on this lovely pot of grape hyacinths my mother in law gave me for my birthday.

I love hellebores, I gave them some attention on this blog a few years ago, sadly I no longer have the ‘resilient’ specimen referred to, but the Helleborus argutifolius continues to flourish.

You may recall that I attempted to produce a new variety by cross pollinating the two hellebores below last year – no joy with the seed, but I will persevere and have another go this summer.

Also in our garden this super flowering cherry is always early, and hasn’t disappointed this year. The only problem we have is that birds (particularly wood pigeons and blue tits), love chomping on the young buds – still, as it’s absolutely covered, I’m sure there’s plenty to go round.

Crocus are flourishing – I’m not usually too partial to bright yellow flowers, but this lovely delicate crocus is just delightful. I’ve bought a few of the purple ones and will be planting them in the garden at Aberglasne this weekend.

Still on crocus – there is a stunning display in Walsall Arboretum just now – a veritable carpet of colour.

Crocus carpet in Walsall Arboretum

Further afield, and a most enjoyable snowdrop walk at Attingham Park found us examining over twenty varieties growing in the mile walk, including one of the varieties I intended to buy ‘in the green’, galanthus ‘Flora Pleno’ – and how fortuitous, they were also for sale – a couple of pot fulls purchased and I now have to decide where to plant them.

galanthus ‘Flora Pleno’
Snowdrops at Attingham Park

Back home again, and Galanthus nivalis has spread throughout a shady area in our garden in Scott Road, so delicate, but also robust – Ollie tramples his way through them at every opportunity!

Galanthus nivalis

The last weekend of the month saw us in West Sussex with friends – they have a fabulous garden overlooking the South Downs national park – the view is stunning, but there were close up highlights too – these flourishing hellebores and aromatic witch hazel in particular.

So it’s now onwards into March and springtime – so much to look forward to; busy busy busy!!

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  1. nancy marie allen says:

    Here in the Northeast US, we are just a little behind you in terms of warmth and growth but magical floral things are happening, even under the snow! Oh, how I love early spring with all its promise!


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