Snow again

Another blanket of snow brought in a small flock of fieldfares this morning – the blackbirds had a hard time getting a look in with the apples we’d put out for them and the crab apple tree took a battering too. We also put some grapes and blueberries out which didn’t last long. Doesn’t this one look cross!


I took the opportunity to get an ‘arty’ photo of these lovely liquidambar leaves. As we unfortunately had to remove the tree I planted about ten years ago (it’s roots were lifting the drive just in front of the house), I collected these in Walsall Arboretum late last year and painted each leaf with decoupage glue in order to preserve them. They’ve been sitting in a bowl for decoration since then, but I thought they’d be great feature in a snowy garden, so I spread them on the grass with  a few oak leaves just as the snow started falling and took a few pics as soon as they were lightly covered.

fullsizeoutput_2628I entered this particular picture into the monthly RHS photo competition via Twitter – and it got shortlisted for the public vote! Sadly it didn’t win, but I’m pleased with the fact that the judges put in the top ten.

It seems to have been a long, cold winter this year and I’m wondering how this will affect the growing season in Spring. I haven’t sown any seeds indoors as I haven’t yet got a date for the new greenhouse to be built. I shall start thinking about this (and sorting out the huge number of seed packets I’ve accumulated) towards the end of the month. In the meantime, perhaps some outdoor sowing? Think I’ll leave this a week or two as well, the ground is hard and unwelcoming at the moment. In any event, there’s still quite a lot of work to be done clearing the way for the greenhouse – as soon as the snow has melted!