It’s cold outside!


Out gardening yesterday? Impossible? Well, the photinia ‘Red Robin’ plants we put in this year were laden down with snow, so it was out with the brush to relieve the weight – and once I’d started, decided to carry on and shake it off all the shrubs and hedges.

Unfortunately (as forecast, Chris pointed out), there was a further downpour during the afternoon and evening and it all needs re-doing! Anyway, having got used to the cold, I got my camera out and took the opportunity to get some snowy pics to add to my attempt at a portfolio  – it’s now up to about 50 pics. Here are a few favourites:


lovely snow capped crab apples – food for blackbirds and a few redwings this morning


It’s been suggested that we pick these little apples for jam – but the tree looks so good with the fruit providing a splash of winter colour to the garden and they’re valuable food for the birds  – so I think we’ll leave them where they are!


Self seeded fennel, this enormous plant has been splendid all year, having emerged from under a bird feeder.


A late rose – this has been flowering since early May

and finally:


A lovely Redwing on a neighbour’s cotoneaster