Yew no more

What was a small rotund, clipped yew in the riverbank had become a huge ungainly obstruction of the pathway, difficult to circumvent with the mower. I’m not sure why whoever planted it chose that particular spot for it, but I wish they hadn’t! Taking plants out is always a difficult decision for me, but on this occasion, as clipping it back just revealed a significant trunk, we thought it best to go as the problem was only likely to get worse.


The yew is in the centre of the picture, obscuring the pathway

However, easier said than done! The first stage was to cut it back as far as possible with simple tools. At that point we did consider carving it and using it as a table leg, but as the river does occasionally cover that level of the garden, we thought better of that idea.

So, power tools at the ready, Chris set out to remove it – several hours later, totally exhausted, the yew was gone, the huge hole filled, top soiled and seeded with a strong grass. he deserved a pint this evening!