There’s something about Welsh rain!

Disappointed this morning to wake up to rain, but by 10am, it was easing off, or so I thought. Fine drizzle, not too uncomfortable to work in until you realise that it has soaked through your clothes and you’re soaking wet! – and guess what – the rain stopped and the sun came out! Still, we managed to clear the emerging weeds in the pathways and mow the grass before sitting back to admire our efforts.


The river remains very low, despite the rain today and it was wonderful to see an array of birds – especially a pair of dippers racing down the course of the water, back and forwards all morning,

– no idea where they’re nesting but they were certainly busy.

I did try to get a photograph of them, but they’re much quicker than me! I’ll just have to hope they’ll stop for a while to do a bit of fishing – might stand a chance then…

This colour of this lilac is so beautiful, well worth the short time it flowers each year. Unfortunately one of the largest stems has died and had to be chopped down – it’s a bit lop sided now, we’re just hoping it manages to adapt and keep going.