We're now well into rose season and I thought I'd share a few favourites from our gardens, along with some tips about caring for them which seem to work for us - for me the tests of success are in an abundance of flowers and a lack of pests and disease. I recently shared a … Continue reading Roses

Greenhouse on the way!

My greenhouse base has been built this week - not straightforward, but it's holding such promise! I'm really impressed with the workmanship of Robin McGregor of Green Bug Ltd (, he offers a range of designs and bespoke services, with the build including brick bases, frames and indoor shelving. The week started on bank holiday … Continue reading Greenhouse on the way!

Sense Sensation – Designing a Sensory Garden

  It’s a beautiful morning - I’ve just woken to a heartwarming dawn chorus, through the open window I can smell the grass I cut yesterday for the first time this year and as I open the shutters, what a sight greets me - a wonderful, colourful spring garden. My senses are alive and kicking … Continue reading Sense Sensation – Designing a Sensory Garden

Creating a new plant (possibly)

I recently purchased another gorgeous hellebore from Farmyard Nurseries in Llandysul, where there is a significant breeding programme - this one has no name on it, but I'm sure you'll agree that it is stunning Having read Carol Klein's article in February's Gardener's World magazine, I thought I'd attempt to cross pollinate this hellebore with … Continue reading Creating a new plant (possibly)