A walk in the park – Walsall Arboretum

The borough of Walsall gets a lot of poor press, often unfairly in my view. It has a diverse population, generally living comfortably together. Unfortunately there are also high levels of poverty and health, social and economic issues to contend with. Recently, the town centre appears to have entered a slow decline, with the closure … Continue reading A walk in the park – Walsall Arboretum

Pruning dilemma and more: from Wales

An unexpectedly sunny afternoon after our early morning drive from the West Midlands to Aberglasne saw Chris pondering on just how much he should be pruning off a mixed hedge and a berberis thunbergiii 'Pink Queen" This'll be a job to keep us busy tomorrow, but we're happy to see that there's been enough rain to … Continue reading Pruning dilemma and more: from Wales

Blogging Success!

Short but sweet - I've had some good news, I entered my April 8th blog post into a competition at KLC School of Design - and it won the 'Garden Design' category! Sense Sensation – Designing a Sensory Garden


We're now well into rose season and I thought I'd share a few favourites from our gardens, along with some tips about caring for them which seem to work for us - for me the tests of success are in an abundance of flowers and a lack of pests and disease. I recently shared a … Continue reading Roses