Parakeets – in Trothplight?

I photographed these kissing parakeets, perhaps in trothplight, hogging the limelight in Walsall Arboretum last Spring! They're easy to identify even before you see them as they have a very distinctive call, very different to our native birds, particularly in flight.... Ring necked parakeets are now commonly seen in the wild in the South East, … Continue reading Parakeets – in Trothplight?

Backlight through ‘Morning Light’

Isn't miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' stunning with a backlight of sunlight in winter! It's a clump forming perennial grass growing to a height and spread of approximately 3ft x 3ft and although deciduous, the flowering stems can be left in situ and enjoyed over our colder months - they look magical when touched by frost. … Continue reading Backlight through ‘Morning Light’